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Ensemble 88 is a Limburg (NL)-based musical ensemble for contemporary music. All its members have their roots in the Euregion. Since 2015, violist Paul Pankert (Eupen) is its artistic leader. 
Ever since its establishment, 25 years ago, the ensemble has promoted contemporary music in many ways:  with various casts and in different styles, stimulating the much-needed renewal of repertoire (through commissioned works), and increasingly collaborating with other artistic disciplines (cross-overs), with educational elements if feasible.
Ensemble 88 regularly performs premieres of commissioned work. By doing so, it plays a vital role in contemporary music life in the Euregion. Ensemble 88 receives funding from the province of Limburg.  




coming next:


In C - Terry Riley
04 september 2016 / Maanplein, Heerlen / 12.00 uur
Cultura Nova
Hello world!
10 september 2016 / Statenzaal Oud Gouvernement Maastricht / 20 uur en 22.00 uur
Sun, Rise!
11 september 2016 / Landgoed Puttersdael Nuth / 10.45 uur





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